Welcome to Taiko Together

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Everyone is born to be musical, and if given a nurturing environment can unlock their inner musicality and creativity. Taiko Together introduces a fun and well-rounded approach to study the art of taiko for young children and their parents! Through movement, dance, songs, games, rhymes, body music and stories, children and parents will explore the joy of rhythm and music together!

Please read the following guidelines before your first class.

Parent's Guide

What is the role of adults in the Taiko Together class?

  • Parents are often the best role models for children. Taiko Together is a class for both the adults and toddlers together. If the adults are enjoying the class activities, the more likely children will feel comfortable participating.

Why do we sing, dance and play games in the class?

  • Singing is a good way to develop “inner hearing” which is essential to rhythm training.
  • Dancing and moving helps students  internalize rhythm, and is a musical way for children to develop motor skills.
  • Through the use of musical games, students learn music intuitively, while improving their rhythmic sense and creativity.

Why isn’t my child participating?

  • Every child has their own unique style and pace for learning. Being in a new environment may trigger unexpected behavior. Allow them time to adjust, and set an example for your child by participating. It often takes continuous exposure to lay the foundation for active participation.

What should I do if my child is disturbing the class?

  • It’s okay if your child is behaving differently, as long as they are enjoying the activities and respecting everyone in the classroom. If necessary, calmly have them take a break outside or sit to the side. Let the child tell you when they are ready. Always be patient, calm and positive.
  • We recommend that you check in with your child about expectations before attending class. This will help guide your child toward a positive and successful taiko experience, and is a great opportunity for your child to learn that he/she is accountable for his/her own choices.

What should I do if my child cries in class?

  • Calmly acknowledge their feelings without reinforcing the negative emotions and guide them back to the activities.
  • With an anxious and fearful child, it’s helpful to prepare for class by talking together about what the class will be like and imagining what will happen. This will help build confidence and security. Practicing at home can also be tremendously beneficial and is a confidence booster. Please utilize the online resources such as class videos and lyrics for support.

How can I best support my child’s learning process?

  • The best way to learn music is through experience and interaction rather than instructions. Taiko Together is a musical experience and learning music is similar to the experience of learning a new language. When children first learn how to speak, they imitate what they are exposed to in everyday life. This applies to learning music too! We encourage you to experience the music alongside your child.

Can I sign-up for one class and see if my child likes it?

  • We welcome potential students to observe our current classes. However we recommend that families try our classes for an extended period of time to better gauge their child’s interest, instead of judging their first reactions.

Do we need drumsticks?

  • You are welcome to rent bachi (drumsticks) at Asano Taiko US facility for $2 per pair for each class, but we encourage students to purchase their own bachi for hygiene and practice.

Equipment Etiquette

  • For safety reasons, please do not lean on the drums.
  • We encourage everyone, including children (assisted by adult), to carefully help set up and put away drums.
  • When we are not using the bachi, please make sure they are safe and secured (not rolling around, not in the way, not lying in the middle of a walkway).

What should I wear to class?

  • Shoes are not permitted in the classroom. We recommend students go barefoot or wear non-slip socks.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing that will allow movement and floor sitting.

Is drinking water available?

  • The facility has a water fountain and cups available for use. You may bring your own refreshments, but no food or drinks are allowed inside the studio.

Is there a bathroom break?

  • We usually take a water and restroom break mid-way through the class.

How can I review the songs we learned in class?

Yeeman "ManMan" Mui